Monday, September 24, 2007

StarHydro 20070924(beta) released

Major improvements in this addition of first iteration of convolution to GIUH.

Other changes are:
- Two new maps are added HJ Andrews and Little Washita
- Coordinates button is checked by default (when one moves mouse over map button in status bar displays coordinates)
- Network order follows streams (as fish swims, not as crow flies)
- 3rd button on 3-button mouse zooms
- scroll wheel zooms map
- drainage density units are m/km2
- hypsometric curve utilizes terrain coloring to emphasize link with terrain height
- hypsometric curve domain title is updated
- apple l&f for menu bar is disabled
- layer visibility is tab dependent
- DEM information is added to Watershed layer
- Transparency is removed
- Width function topological domain title is updated

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