Friday, October 5, 2007

StarHydro 20071005(beta) released

Improvements include:
Layout changes
Convolution improvements

Monday, September 24, 2007

StarHydro 20070924(beta) released

Major improvements in this addition of first iteration of convolution to GIUH.

Other changes are:
- Two new maps are added HJ Andrews and Little Washita
- Coordinates button is checked by default (when one moves mouse over map button in status bar displays coordinates)
- Network order follows streams (as fish swims, not as crow flies)
- 3rd button on 3-button mouse zooms
- scroll wheel zooms map
- drainage density units are m/km2
- hypsometric curve utilizes terrain coloring to emphasize link with terrain height
- hypsometric curve domain title is updated
- apple l&f for menu bar is disabled
- layer visibility is tab dependent
- DEM information is added to Watershed layer
- Transparency is removed
- Width function topological domain title is updated

Monday, August 6, 2007

StarHydro 20070806(alpha) released

This is minor improvements build targeted toward our usability test tomorrow.

Tooltips, charts, units and other misc items are added or modified.

As always version is available

Friday, July 27, 2007

StarHydro 20070727(alpha) released

This build focuses on UI improvements, other improvements are minor…

It is a minor update to yesterdays build.

It features:
- Units on regionalization form
- Fixed hypsometric curve
- Added "Tip" on Watershed page
- Added "Tip" on Horton nr page

Updates are as always available at:

Thursday, July 26, 2007

StarHydro 20070726(alpha) released

This build focuses on UI improvements, other improvements are minor…

  • When starting application, dialog prompts user to select map to work with
  • Watershed view is updated, and units are added
  • User can type stream accumulation threshold
  • Network view is split in: Horton nr and Width fns
  • Horton nr split view in charts and separates log scale & trend line controls
  • Horton charts colors corresponds with "stream order network" i.e. points on the chart have appropriate color as stream order on the map
  • Width functions are split to 3 charts for easier usability
  • All tabs are redone with new layout manager and labels are added to sections (Look & Feel change)
  • IUH chart colors correspond to "Simple Instant Unit Hydrograph" layer colors
  • Some chart colors correspond to map
  • All chats have a little diskette next to them, clicking on diskette reveals data in the charts
  • There is a button in status bar that allows user to see coordinates where mouse intersects map

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

StarHydro 20070717(alpha) released

This build is focused on improvements on regionalization worker. Other improvements are minor...

StarHydro is available at

  • Implement regionalization worker to include:
    • |Avg (Xi) - XL| <> deltaAvg
    • |Any(Xi) - XL| <> deltaAny
  • Regionalization
    • Units
    • How to set a variable so that it is not used?
    • No decimal numbers for parameters
    • Not too sensitive to aspect
  • Change topo -> Topological
  • Export regionalization data ($HOME/starhydro_workspace/points.export)
    • Format (tab separated file)

Id Area isChannel

Center_of_mass [x-z]

Elevation Slope Aspect





  • Regionalization PDF Charts (added to PDFns)
  • Regionalization PDF area chart
  • Regionalization layers (colored, non-colored and channel)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How to generate Star Hydro datasets?

Star Hydro analysis starts with loading of terrain maps.

Layers required to perform analysis are:

Projected terrain

Pit filled terrain

Flow accumulation

Flow direction (D8)

Star Hydro at this time (7/9/2007) assumes that all layers coordinates are in meters.

At this time it is suggested to place files in:

$HOME/starhydro_workspace/StarHydro and load them using "File->Open->StarHydro".

On Windows XP folder is usually:

c:\documents and settings\(your user name)\starhydro_workspace

On Mac OS X and Linux it is:

/home/(your user name)/starhydro_workspace

I'm working on File manager that will make this easier.

USGS seamless map can be converted to Star Hydro using Arc Workstation using following scripts:

Gridname is the name of the grid in the Arc Workstation's workspace

Projectionfile is the file describing input paramters and output units (ZUNITS METERS, UNITS METERS).

%% Project using projection file from below

project grid gridname projected projectionfile

gridascii projected

%% Pit filling using ESRI fill method


fill projected filled sink


gridascii filled

%% Calculate flow direction


flowdir = flowdirection( filled )


gridascii flowdir

%% Calculate flow accumulation


flowacc = flowaccumulation( flowdir )


gridascii flowacc


%% To find original grid projection parameters use:

describe gridname

Sample projection parameters (projectionfile.prj):



Datum NAD83


Units DD Spheroid GRS1980










StarHydro 20070710(alpha) released

StarHydro is available at

Release notes for 2007/07/10

Important note

Update to the format of local cache requires it to be cleared between version 20070707 and 20070709!

New features

Post information how to build datasets

Please Look at StarHydro datasets on instructions how to build your own dataset.

Change local format to XYZ

Local format of cache is now text XYZ coordinates for filled, flowacc, flowdir and projected terrain layers.

This is the format generated by ArcGIS when gridascii command is used.

Rename tabs
  • Basic -> Watershed
  • Planar -> Network
  • Relief -> Topography
  • Hydrographic -> IUH
  • PDF -> PDFn
  • Regionalization -> Same… Network: Areas -> Area
IUH: Normalize chart
Stream network not visible on Mac OS X