Tuesday, July 10, 2007

StarHydro 20070710(alpha) released

StarHydro is available at http://web.mit.edu/star/hydro

Release notes for 2007/07/10

Important note

Update to the format of local cache requires it to be cleared between version 20070707 and 20070709!

New features

Post information how to build datasets

Please Look at StarHydro datasets on instructions how to build your own dataset.

Change local format to XYZ

Local format of cache is now text XYZ coordinates for filled, flowacc, flowdir and projected terrain layers.

This is the format generated by ArcGIS when gridascii command is used.

Rename tabs
  • Basic -> Watershed
  • Planar -> Network
  • Relief -> Topography
  • Hydrographic -> IUH
  • PDF -> PDFn
  • Regionalization -> Same… Network: Areas -> Area
IUH: Normalize chart
Stream network not visible on Mac OS X

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