Tuesday, July 17, 2007

StarHydro 20070717(alpha) released

This build is focused on improvements on regionalization worker. Other improvements are minor...

StarHydro is available at http://web.mit.edu/star/hydro

  • Implement regionalization worker to include:
    • |Avg (Xi) - XL| <> deltaAvg
    • |Any(Xi) - XL| <> deltaAny
  • Regionalization
    • Units
    • How to set a variable so that it is not used?
    • No decimal numbers for parameters
    • Not too sensitive to aspect
  • Change topo -> Topological
  • Export regionalization data ($HOME/starhydro_workspace/points.export)
    • Format (tab separated file)

Id Area isChannel

Center_of_mass [x-z]

Elevation Slope Aspect





  • Regionalization PDF Charts (added to PDFns)
  • Regionalization PDF area chart
  • Regionalization layers (colored, non-colored and channel)

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