Thursday, July 26, 2007

StarHydro 20070726(alpha) released

This build focuses on UI improvements, other improvements are minor…

  • When starting application, dialog prompts user to select map to work with
  • Watershed view is updated, and units are added
  • User can type stream accumulation threshold
  • Network view is split in: Horton nr and Width fns
  • Horton nr split view in charts and separates log scale & trend line controls
  • Horton charts colors corresponds with "stream order network" i.e. points on the chart have appropriate color as stream order on the map
  • Width functions are split to 3 charts for easier usability
  • All tabs are redone with new layout manager and labels are added to sections (Look & Feel change)
  • IUH chart colors correspond to "Simple Instant Unit Hydrograph" layer colors
  • Some chart colors correspond to map
  • All chats have a little diskette next to them, clicking on diskette reveals data in the charts
  • There is a button in status bar that allows user to see coordinates where mouse intersects map

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